1. Scope of Application

These Terms and Conditions of Business apply exclusively to legal entities. We recognise deviating terms and conditions of the client only if we have expressly consented to them in writing.

Individual agreements entered into with the client in any individual case shall, in any event, have precedence over these Terms and Conditions of Business. Such agreements shall be valid only in written form; i.e. they shall require our written confirmation.

2. Subject-matter of the Contract

Becomelocal shall render immigration and settlement services for employees of the client. Assignments shall be placed on an individual case basis and shall only then enter into effect.

3. Scope of the Services, Obligations

Becomelocal shall render services necessary for appropriately attending to the client’s interests in the respective matter. Furthermore, Becomelocal shall owe the client loyal, objective and careful advice.

Becomelocal shall inform the client of any unexpected developments occurring during the performance of the assignment and answer the client’s enquiries, immediately if possible. Becomelocal shall carefully store the data entrusted to it and surrender these data to the client on request.

Becomelocal shall, at its discretion, be entitled to call in for the performance of the assignment employees, external partners and/or other advisers and assistants as well as domestic and foreign institutions, insofar as it considers this to be useful or necessary.

The client shall, in turn, inform Becomelocal of all facts and developments relevant to the handling of the assignment. Moreover, the client shall grant Becomelocal all powers of attorney necessary to enable Becomelocal to prove its authorisation to third parties. Becomelocal shall make use of such power of attorney only if this is necessary for performing the assignment.

4. Assignment

The assignment shall be placed via the online ordering system on Becomelocal’s website. Becomelocal shall confirm the assignment received, which shall only then be deemed officially accepted.

5. Fee / Cost Ceiling

The prices shall be as defined in the list of services and prices and be quoted in Swiss francs (CHF), exclusive of 7.7 % VAT. The cost estimates shall be given on an individual assignment basis or by means of a separately agreed cost ceiling price. If cost ceilings are agreed upon, Becomelocal shall inform the client of the level of the cost ceiling sufficiently in advance.

Becomelocal may demand a 25 % advance on the total costs. Assignments at weekends and on public holidays shall be subject to a 50 % surcharge.

6. Costs and Expenses

The client shall reimburse all costs and expenses actually incurred upon Becomelocal on behalf of the client. Costs and expenses necessary for conducting the assignment shall be pre-financed by Becomelocal and be passed on with the final invoice. Costs and expenses shall comprise the following:

• official charges for permits, registrations and certifications
• actual meals during the tours
• postal charges for consignments
• vehicle hire for transporting families with more than four members
• sets of meals upon arrival (on request)

The client may request at any time a statement of account or information on the level of the fee owed and the costs and expenses incurred.

7. Volume-related Terms

Becomelocal shall grant the client the following volume discount for a period of two years from the initial placement of an assignment:

up to 15 assignmentsnormal price
over 15 assignments5 % on the normal price
over 25 assignments8 % on the normal price
over 50 assignments10 % on the normal price

The volume discount shall be applied to services, but not to costs and expenses actually rendered account of (as per Section 6 relating to costs and expenses), and shall be paid out at the end of the two-year term.

8. Payment Terms

All agreed fees shall be settled within 30 days of invoicing, from the invoice date.

9. Revocation of the Assignment and the Powers of Attorney

The client may revoke at any time the assignment and the powers of attorney granted. The right concerning untimely revocation of an assignment shall remain reserved, i.e. where Becomelocal has procured for the revoked assignment additional resources on a long-term basis and to a considerable extent, and these cannot be used elsewhere or be transferred at short notice.

Becomelocal may also discontinue the assignment at any time. Where this occurs on an untimely basis, Becomelocal shall not be liable for damages if discontinuation occurs for good cause relating to the capacity or conduct of the client or its employees.

10. Maintenance of Secrecy, Right of Access to Information

Becomelocal shall be bound to secrecy both during the assignment and after the assignment has ended. The client shall have the right to view at any time the documents at Becomelocal that concern it. Becomelocal shall not pass on to third parties any case-related documents or information without the client’s authorisation.

Becomelocal shall be responsible for processing in accordance with its data protection policy the personal data received in the course of the assignment and for using state-of-the-art technical and organisational measures to protect the data. In the event of a data breach, Becomelocal shall inform the client as quickly as possible.

11. Liability

Become shall protect the client’s interests at all times and inform it of extraordinary developments in the respective matter. However, Becomelocal shall not owe any particular successful outcome. The client is aware that Becomelocal neither promises nor in any way warrants a successful outcome.

12. Data Retention

Becomelocal shall be entitled to delete, without prior enquiry, all data ten years after completion of the assignment or the individual agreements.

13. Place of Jurisdiction / Applicable Law

This agreement is subject to Swiss law and shall be governed by the provisions of Swiss law (Art. 394 et seqq. OR [Swiss Law of Obligations]). The client recognises the courts of Zurich, Switzerland, as being competent for the settlement of disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions of Business.


Giovanni Giugno, Managing Director

Zurich, January 2022

+41 76 560 06 16