1. Preamble

Esteemed customers

It is very important to Becomelocal to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the customers’ data and the website visitors. Becomelocal collects and processes data only with the data subject’s consent.

The processing of personal data is indispensable for successful settlement in Switzerland. Without the processing of these data, it is not possible to obtain work and residence permits and protect the data subject’s interests in the course of the settlement process. We process primarily the personal data that we receive in the course of rendering the agreed service with our customers, their business partners and other persons involved or as a result of registration on our website. The data are used exclusively for the purposes for which the persons concerned have given their consent, that are evident from the circumstances or that are provided for by law.

Detailed information on our data processing can be found below. As the person responsible for data protection, I am personally accountable for the protection of our customers’ data.


Kind regards

Giovanni Giugno, Managing Director

2. Controller according to Art. 30 (1) GDPR

Giovanni Giugno, Managing Director | | M: + 41 76 560 06 16

Registered office of the company:
Becomelocal GmbH | Balsberg | Balz-Zimmermann-Strasse 7 | CH-8152 Glattbrugg

Postal address:
Becomelocal GmbH | Postfach | CH-8058 Zürich-Flughafen | T +41 76 560 06 16 |

3. Definition of Personal Data

Personal data are understood to be any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. These include for example name, address, date of birth, email address or telephone number. Personal data also include data concerning personal preferences such as hobbies or memberships as well as data concerning religious, ideological, political or trade union views or activities. Health data and information relating to administrative sanctions or sanctions under criminal law are also included.

4. Processing of Customer Data

We use the personal data collected by us primarily for rendering our services during the settlement process. As the legitimate representative, Becomelocal warrants to undertake all acts or omissions that it considers to be necessary or appropriate in connection with the settlement process for protecting the interests of the customers or clients.

The following data categories apply:

a) personal data and contact information such as first name and surname, gender, date of birth, age, civil status, languages, nationality, email address, telephone number, family members (not exhaustive);

b) data that reach us in connection with settlement, such as information on personal preferences, hobbies and other interests;

c) data concerning the employment relationship, such as duration of the contract, position, pay and other agreements under the employment contract;

d) criminal records, insurance data and any information relating to the data subject’s financial situation.

Recipients and processors of aforementioned data primarily include employees of Becomelocal, but also public authorities, banks, insurers and real-estate service providers. In this respect, we ensure that only the most essential data necessary for the performance of the respective task are transferred. When giving references, we limit the personal data to the minimum necessary.

Moreover, we process personal data for the following purposes insofar as we are allowed to do so:

a) sending invitations for subject-specific occasions (e.g. occasions concerning themes such as real estate, foreign professionals or other relevant fields);

b) sending information relating to general, relevant themes;

c) obtaining feedback for quality control purposes and for optimising our services;

d) keeping statistics;

e) asserting or defending legal claims in connection with disputes and official proceedings;

f) adhering to legal and regulatory requirements as well as internal rules of Becomelocal.

5. Visiting the website

The processing of website visitors’ personal data is limited to personal data necessary for the provision of a well-functioning website and the content thereof as well as for our services.

The processing of such data takes place only for the purposes communicated or agreed upon, or if there is any other legal basis within the meaning of the applicable data protection legislation. Only personal data that are actually necessary for carrying out and handling the service or are provided voluntarily are collected. An exception applies in cases where, for certain reasons, it is not possible to prematurely obtain consent, or the data processing is permitted under statutory provisions.

Website visitors have access at all times to the data, information and notices received from them, without personal details having to be given. If, however, the ordering system is used, registration takes place via Relocate You, or there is interest in our Swiss Immigration Adviser’s results, consent is also automatically given with regard to the storage and processing of the personal data. If the emails generated by using these tools are not desired, it is possible to unsubscribe from these at any time by emailing and to have the data erased.

It is possible that non-personal information concerning website visits will be collected and processed. However, we use this information only to improve the content of the website and create anonymised statistics for internal market analyses concerning individual use of the website.

Becomelocal gives no representations or warranties in connection with third-party websites accessible via a link to our website. Such third-party information is independent of Becomelocal’s own information. Links, hyperlinks or web addresses that lead to one or more other websites serve only information purposes and do not signify that Becomelocal takes on the responsibility for the content of these websites or endorses the content or use thereof. This Data Privacy Statement applies only to the website operated by Becomelocal. We recommend that third-party providers be contacted directly regarding their applicable data privacy policy.

6. Security of the Processing (Data Security / IT Security)

The success of Becomelocal’s business depends upon it having up-to-date, correct business information and personal data, which the company electronically exchanges with customers, administrative bodies and other institutions. Security-conscious handling of these data is a key prerequisite for maintaining IT security.

Our business processes and information technology are regularly and carefully checked. These are intended to remain simple in order to avoid unnecessary risks. All data concerning Becomelocal, in particular personal customer data, are exchanged merely via the email address issued for this, or the Microsoft licence, and stored on Business_Drive and in the Bexio programme. Business Drive is a data centre in Switzerland that meets the requirements of the GDPR. Bexio is also a business solution for SMEs that was developed in Switzerland.

All data are processed at Becomelocal only for the purpose for which they were provided to Becomelocal or for which Becomelocal has received specific consent. If data are used for purposes other than for the purpose originally stated, Becomelocal shall obtain consent thereto and provide the corresponding information.

7. Commissioned Processing (Passing-on and Transfer of Data)

The personal data that Becomelocal receives are not passed on to commercially orientated third parties. Any passing-on or other use of the data takes place exclusively in the manner described in this Data Privacy Statement or with the data subject’s consent. Personal data are passed on to third parties acting on behalf of or in the name of Becomelocal in order to enable these data to be further processed for the purpose for which they were originally intended by Becomelocal or for any other legally or contractually permissible use.

Becomelocal may wholly or partly outsource to domestic third parties individual assignments or services, such as for example apartment searching or city tours. All agents, namely freelancers or partner companies, are clearly instructed to process personal data only for the agreed purposes.

Control and responsibility regarding the use of data and information in accordance with this Data Privacy Statement remain with Becomelocal as the controller. It is possible that certain data will be stored or processed on computers or computer systems located outside of our organisation. In such cases, we shall ensure that appropriate safeguards are implemented to obligate the data processors concerned to take data protection measures.

We collaborate with the following data processors or third parties:

a) Pro_Cloud as the provider of Business_Drive based in Lenzburg, Switzerland
b) Microsoft_Office365 as an email provider based in Redmond, USA
c) Bexio as a business solution based in Rapperswil, Switzerland
d) Hosting of the website:
e) Hosting of Services + Immigration Advisor: AWS (Amazon Web Services, Inc.). Paperform follows best industry standards to keep data secure. The servers are located in the USA and hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Services, Inc.).
f) Hosting RelocateYOU: Google Cloud Platform. LearnWorlds complies with the requirements of the GDPR and takes all measures to ensure a sufficient level of security. LearnWorlds is a Google Cloud Partner, so first-class Google Cloud Platform servers are primarily used as subcontractors for cloud storage.
g) B&B_Concept as a trustee based in Wallisellen, Switzerland

This list reflects the key contractors. Owing to the complexity and the varying tasks assigned to Becomelocal, it is however not exhaustive.

8. Retention Period in the case of Use of Personal Data

On the one hand, the personal data are stored and processed as long as necessary for fulfilling the contractual and statutory duties or for other purposes, such as for example for the duration of the whole settlement process. On the other hand, they are collected and utilised in accordance with the statutory retention and documentation duties or, where applicable, on the basis of certain requirements of proof.

9. Rights of Data Subjects

We are happy to personally give information on what personal data exist and how specifically these are processed. The data owners also have the right to revoke at any time their consent given regarding the use of their personal data. However, this is only possible insofar as the data are not needed for use in connection with any contractual duties. However, any revocation shall not affect the legitimacy of the processing carried out until then.

Furthermore, data owners have the right to object at any time, on grounds relating to their particular situation, to the processing of the personal data concerning them. Following such objection, Becomelocal shall cease to use the personal data concerning them unless compelling contractual, statutory or other legitimate interests may exist, or it can be proven that the processing serves the assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims.

Additionally, data owners have a right to the erasure of their personal data unless contractual or statutory rights preclude this, erasure proves to be technically impossible or involves a disproportionately high level of effort. Likewise, data owners have the right to rectification and/or completion of their personal data in relation to Becomelocal insofar as the data concerning them are inaccurate or incomplete.

In the event of any infringement of these rights, there is the option of complaining to the appropriate data protection authority.

10. Duty to Provide Personal Data

When a contract is entered into with Becomelocal, it is essential that the personal data necessary in the course of the business relationship and essential for taking up and implementing this business relationship and fulfilling the contractual duties associated be provided. Without these data, Becomelocal is ordinarily unable to enter into a contract or render the desired services.

Unless otherwise expressly stated, this Data Privacy Statement applies exclusively to the website and to the processing of the personal data at Becomelocal.

Zurich, January 2022

+41 76 560 06 16