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Work Permit Application Process for Third-Country Nationals Simplified

For Swiss employers wishing to hire third-country nationals, the work permit application process in Switzerland has now been streamlined to make it faster and smoother for some cases. The Swiss government has recently announced that the application process for work permits has been simplified for professions with a shortage of qualified workers. This is good news for companies looking to fill job vacancies with qualified employees from outside Switzerland.

From the 1st of February, the cantonal labor market and migration authorities can interpret the requirements for professional qualifications and proof of priority for domestic employees more generously. Consequently, some professions can get faster approval if they benefit Switzerland’s economy. Moreover, these applications may skip federal approval depending on the industry and case. This can save up to three weeks of processing time.

Another significant change is that foreign nationals with a residence permit can now change from employment to self-employment more easily. The cantons can grant simplified approval for this change.

In fact, these changes would enable employers to achieve their business goals more efficiently and simplify the process of hiring. New regulations are a positive step forward for businesses looking to expand their workforce with qualified individuals from outside Switzerland.

How We Can Help

Are you a Swiss employer seeking to hire third-country nationals and need assistance with the work permit application process? We are here to help. We can guide you through the new regulations and help you achieve your business goals in a timely and efficient manner.

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